One down, on to the next one! Busy times ahead.

Earlier this week, World Dramaturgy Evenings held it's third staged play reading event at our new venue Lime Wharf (which we absolutely love - come here! It rocks). This was a slightly more ambitious project than the first two events. We were in a larger venue opened up specially for us, lots of actors involved, a musician playing before the performance, a guest director and the writer present during rehearsals and performance. Elena and I were understandably a bit anxious, but we were really pleased with how the evening went. The theatre was full and there were lots of laughs. We really hope Sarah Sigal finds a further outlet for this hilarious script. The audience feedback was great, with the only suggestion being a bit of trimming as it ran quite long at two hours. I'm so grateful to all the talented people who gave up their time to be involved. I just love the wealth of talent and generous nature of artists in London.

The experience did remind me of why I try to avoid producing and performing in the same events. It's hard wearing both hats at once. I love doing both, although I'm definitely a performer at heart, which is why I tend to only produce things I'm in, so it's a bit of a Catch 22!

For now, I'm fully focussed on People of the Eye (anyone who's met me even once will know about my own play I'm developing in collaboration with The Deaf and Hearing Ensemble!), where I'm currently wearing three hats (lucky I've got a big head!!) - writer, producer and actor. This project is so close to my heart that I'm not concerned about taking on so many roles, although we are getting such exciting development opportunities that it's going to be time to get a professional producer in very soon. We're really looking for someone with a strong interest in accessibility. I have been so incredibly lucky and blessed to find Jennifer Bates (director) and Sophie Stone (other performer/deviser) through the weirdest of avenues (I met Jen through an interview to be a zumba instructor - long and bizarre story!) so I'm sure the right person will come along soon.

My most recent exciting news is that the fabulous Tyrone and Bobbie at Genesis Cinema have agreed to host our fundraising event on April 9th, ahead of our work in progress showings on April 17/18th at Lime Wharf. We are going to show some wonderful BSL films at this event (thanks BSL Zone!) as well as hopefully have some performances, a silent auction and perhaps even a sign name booth! We will be selling tickets to this soon, and a purchase of a ticket to the fundraiser will get you a significant discount on your ticket to the performances on April 17th or 18th. If you're overseas never fear, we will be running a crowdfunding campaign so that you too can be part of this project!

My adorable parents have just sent me a USB containing home movies of my sisters and I as children. There's some pretty cute stuff of us all signing. I may incorporate some of it into the show, or perhaps just include some in our fundraising film. Either way, watching it is making me feel quite nostalgic for home and my family!

I'm sitting here in my office on Vyner Street, part of Lime Wharf (have I mentioned how awesome Lime Wharf is - and they've just opened a new cafe - check it out! - Vyner Street Hackney pretty excited about life.